Nov 29, 2007

Best Seller Product of Estee Lauder

Best Seller

Estée Lauder Signature - Shimmer Powder
Estée  Lauder Signature - Hydra Lustre Lipstick
Double Wear - Stay-in-Place ShadowStick

Estée Lauder Signature
Shimmer Powder

Celebrate the night with a shimmer of light.

Estée Lauder Signature
Hydra Lustre Lipstick

Color so creamy, it seduces every curve of your lips.

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Double Wear
Stay-in-Place ShadowStick

Color fast. Strokes on creamy, stays on for 12 hours.

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  • $32.00
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  • $19.50
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  • $17.50
Pure Color - EyeShadow
More Than Mascara® - Moisture-Binding Formula
Pure Color - Nail Lacquer

Pure Color

Multi colors. Multi finishes. Major impact.

More Than Mascara®
Moisture-Binding Formula

For more defined, more conditioned, more beautiful lashes.

Pure Color
Nail Lacquer

A luxurious new brilliance at your fingertips.

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  • $17.50
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  • $21.00
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  • $18.00

Estée Lauder Cosmetic

By the time the revolutionary fragrance Youth-Dew was introduced in 1953, the Estée Lauder Company had already won a reputation for innovation, research and quality.

Today, Estée Lauder's skincare, makeup and fragrance collections exemplify the best that technology, science and art can achieve. The Estée Lauder name on a product is recognised in over 100 countrie
s for quality maintained and promises kept. We welcome you to discover all that we have to offer.

Nov 28, 2007

Cosmetic Dentistry

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dental procedures refer to procedures which allow a tooth to be restored to its natural looking beauty, or procedures which enhance a smile’s esthetic appearance. If you have ever had your teeth bleached, or a crown or tooth-colored filling placed in your mouth, you have had a cosmetic dental procedure done. Cosmetic dentistry can give back a youthful smile to someone middle-aged or older, or allow instant correction of bad teeth to a much better end result.


What kinds of dental problems can cosmetic dentistry address?

The dental situations cosmetic dentistry can possibly address include:

  • Missing teeth or spaces between teeth.
  • Darkened, yellowed or grey, stained teeth.
  • Crooked teeth or "mismatched" teeth.
  • "Gummy" smiles, where a larger proportion of the gums show when smiling.
  • Too small, too large, too short or too thin teeth.
  • Change silver amalgam fillings to natural appearing, tooth-colored restorations.
  • Replace old crowns that show black lines with non-metal crowns.

Cosmetic dentistry gives people a chance to have a smile that conveys the right messages for their personal and professional life: confidence, strength, happiness, acceptance, friendship. Through a variety of circumstances, a person may find themselves not liking their smile. Maybe they got into a fight, car accident, or fell down. Maybe certain medical conditions, such as being born with dark staining of teeth, or personal situations made it difficult to care for their smile. Maybe over time their teeth naturally yellowed, darkened, or became crooked. These people are given the opportunity to restore their smile to match their overall image, so they don’t feel embarrassed of their appearance.

What kinds of cosmetic dental procedures are there?

Cosmetic dental treatment covers a variety of procedures. To name a few, these include procedures that whiten teeth, correct a "gummy" smile, "straighten" crooked teeth, and fill gaps in between teeth. These procedures use either porcelain or plastic to properly restore teeth cosmetically.

Is the purpose of cosmetic dentistry for looks only?

Some people think that cosmetic dental procedures are for appearance only, and have nothing to do with the ability to bite and chew. These people will be surprised to learn that when cosmetic dentistry is properly done, it incorporates the health and function of your teeth as well. The materials used are incredibly strong. They can withstand normal chewing and last for years and years. Depending on which procedures are performed, cosmetic dentists address the way the biting and chewing surfaces of teeth occlude or come together.

How long do cosmetic dental procedures take?

The length of time for a patient’s cosmetic dental treatment depends on the type of procedure or procedures required. In other words, every patient is unique. For some patients, cosmetic dental treatment can be completed in one appointment. For others, preliminary work may have to be done first before procedures can be started. Each dental procedure itself also takes different amounts of time. For example, a tooth-colored restoration not needing to be processed by a laboratory can be completed in one appointment. Bleaching teeth (in office), on average, may take about one to two sessions. However, the majority of cosmetic dental problems can be corrected in as little as two visits.

Can cosmetic dentistry alone help my dental situation?

Sometimes other dental specialists must first treat a patient before the cosmetic dentist can begin. Examples of such cases may be patients who first require orthodontics (braces) to "move" teeth; gum or bone surgery to create a more normal gum appearance; or "implant" surgery to properly restore a specific dental problem. (Implants are titanium screws that are surgically placed in the bone of either the upper or lower jaw, on which a tooth-colored crown or bridge is placed.)

What changes have you seen with your cosmetic dentistry patients?

One of the most rewarding parts of cosmetic dentistry for me is the positive changes I’ve seen patients go through. The catalyst is the enhanced smile, but the smile becomes such a part of the patient that it affects how the person sees him or herself. The patient hears endless compliments, which lead to more smiling, which leads to a more friendly appearance, and a happier person. This in turn affects how the patient views his or her personal life, overall appearance, career, relationships and even life itself. The emotional and psychological changes are amazing.

Most people who have lived with their problem dental situation for years don’t realize how their smile and their life can change more positively when it is corrected. Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide-range of procedures and can address a multitude of dental situations.

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How to Enhance Your Cleavage with Makeup

Want to wear a low cut dress for a special night on the town? What if you desire more cleavage? As a woman that wears a B cup sized bra I know sometimes woman desire a little more fullness to their cleavage.

There is one way you can enhance the look of your cleavage. Through the power of makeup! And it's less costly than plastic surgery. Here are some steps to creating the cleavage you want without paying for pricey plastic surgery.

1. First you'll need some makeup supplies. If you already have an extensive makeup collection, you may already have everything you need. Here are the tools you'll need:
Two blush brushes: an angled blush brush and a long blender brush. Blush or eye shadow in the following colors: taupe, deep brown, off-white and yellow. You will also need bronzer shadow and a push up bra.

2. Make sure your chest area is dry. Think of your skin as your canvas. You'll want clean and dry skin just as you would when applying makeup to your face. Make sure to dry yourself off completely after bathing.

3. Put on your push up bra. You will need something to give you a lift before applying your makeup. You can purchase a Wonderbra or another bra that has padding and a push up effect. Now you're ready to apply your makeup.

4. Take a blush or eyeshadow shade one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it between your breasts using your long blender brush. Apply this highlight color in an up and down motion.

5. With your angled brush apply a blush two shades darker than your skin tone to your upper cleavage area. Start from the middle of your breasts and extend up and around in an arching type fashion. You'll want to go just inside the edge of your clothing so no one can see the edge of your makeup. Use a back and forth motion when applying.

6. Using your long blender brush with the lighter shade highlight above and below the dark area you applied in the above step. Extend back down into the highlighted area between your breasts.

7. Blend the makeup for smooth look. You can finish off the look by using a bronzer all over if you'd like.

8. Practice until you get it right. It's ok if you don't get it right the first time. With a little practice you'll master the skill.

Now that you know how to create an enhanced bustline you're ready to put on your cleavage baring dress for that night on the town. And your new technique is much cheaper than plastic surgery.

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5 Skin Care Tips for Women Living in Cold Weather

When winter hits many of us take our skin for granted, believing that our skin is moist enough to withstand the onslaught of cold, dry air in the coming season. Women who live in parts of the world where cold freezing temperatures wreak havoc on skin understand that no amount of rain or wet snow can replenish it. By taking a few protective measures anyone living in a naturally cold place can preserve the moisture in their skin and avoid having the dry itchy flakies and here are five tips to help you do just that.

1. Exfoliate Your Skin. Before you take a shower you need to remove old dead skin from your body. This allows the fresh new skin beneath to breathe and absorb moisture. Get yourself a good natural bristled body brush and use large sweeping motions to massage your skin. You'll also be helping to stimulate blood flow and help reduce cellulite as an added bonus.

2. Use sun screen. Sun screen wasn't just invented for summer time use. We should be protecting our skin from harmful sun rays all year long. Dangerous UV rays are actually stronger in the winter and can be far more damaging to your skin if left exposed. There are cosmetic companies now including UV ray protection in their foundations such as Cover Girl TruBlend Powder Foundation Sunscreen. It works like a sunscreen but its still make-up.

3. Apply moisturizer. The cold outdoors is not the only thing that dries out your skin. The air indoors is much drier due to heaters being run and lack of fresh outside air being circulated inside. The only way to combat that is to apply moisturizer. It's best to apply an all-over body moisturizer at least twice a day; once in the morning and once before bed. A real good all-over moisturizer is Eucerin or Lubriderm. Both of these moisturizers are fairly cheap in price and can be found in any drugstore, Wal-Mart or Target stores. Eucerin also has a moisturizer that has added SPF sun blocking agents. If you've got money to spend then give the Neutrogena SPF 15 moisturizer a try as it does a great job at soaking right in to your skin without the added oils.

4. Use Carmex or other Lip Balm. It gets very easy to neglect our lips when we spend all day yacking or stuffing our faces but protecting our lips is very important. To keep your lips from getting chapped the first thing you should do is stop licking them. When you repeatedly lick your lips you are actually removing moisture and causing them to get even more chapped. To eliminate the huge red ring around your mouth rub a little Vaseline on the area before going to sleep.

5. Use sleeping time to replenish the moisture in your hands and feet by applying moisture and sleeping with socks and gloves on. You can wear socks on your hands as well as your feet but be sure they are 100% cotton. I prefer Hanes cotton socks but brand doesn't really matter. Curel makes a moisturizer that works well on both hands and feet but let me tell you about a secret product I recently found at Target.

Burts Bees. It's absolutely delicious smelling and wonderfully nourishing. My skin loves this stuff and I have very dry skin. Burts Bees Mama Bee vitamin E body oil is an all over moisturizer made of almond, lemon oils and vitamin E and the best time to use it is right out of the shower. I love that it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or slick and best of all it only cost me $8 for a 4 ounce bottle.

If you take care of your hands, feet, lips and face you should fare pretty well in the coming winter months. But no matter what products or techniques you use remember that one of the best ways to hydrate your skin is to hydrate your body. Be sure to drink lots of water this winter.

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Cosmetic Expo 2007 is going to be a high-profile event showing the most ambitious opportunities in Syria. It is going to be one of the biggest, most comprehensive exhibitions in cosmetic field. Therefore, if you are a cosmetic sector player eyeing the Syria and neighboring countries cosmetic market, looking for a well-timed point of entry to gain maximum exposure for your brands, then Cosmetic Expo 2007 is your opportunity. As well as, if you are already active in Syrian cosmetic market, Cosmetic Expo 2007 will certainly polish your profile.

The show will be jointly organized by:
SEC, Syrian Union of Chambers of Industry, and the Industrial Businesswomen Committee.

Massive Market Opportunities in Syria and neighboring countries at Cosmetic Expo 2007
Syrian cosmetic market is considered one of the largest in the Middle East and it is set to expand further, yet more agencies are founded.
Meanwhile, ever more leading manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe are seizing lucrative slices of Syrian cosmetic market.

Enjoy Access to Leading Middle East cosmetic Markets
Access More Than One Huge cosmetic Markets - Syria and Neighboring Countries - at One Exhibition in Damascus

There is no better venue for Cosmetic Expo 2007 than Syria because of its geographical proximity to Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine and the link between the three continents of the world (Europe - Asia - Africa).

The flow of entrepreneurs in and out of Syria is streamlined by the government's business-friendly customs and immigration regulations. Not only neighboring countries are booming but also Syria is fast developing into one of the region's most vibrant business hubs. Billions of investment dollars are pouring in from around the world.
Syria is interested to make all the Customs and immigration regulations flexible for her investors.

Cosmetic Expo 2007 Exhibitors.
Cosmetic Expo 2007 will gather more than 200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries, in particular from Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Far East, and of course the Middle East.

Therefore, Cosmetic Expo 2007 is going to host ministers, ambassadors, commercial counselors, government officials, and commercial delegations from many of countries.

The 4th Int’l Exhibition for cosmetic Perfume and Beauty Products
25 - 28 Nov. 2007
Damascus - Syria

Nov 27, 2007

Men´s Skin Care and Cosmetics

Here is some link for men cosmetic and skin care where to buy.

4Voo - Men´s Skin Care and Cosmetic Products

4VOO is an innovative men’s skin care & cosmetic’s company that offers the luxurious experience of enhancing appearance and confidence. 4VOO distinct man™ is an exceptional premium quality skin care and cosmetic enhancement product line, specifically formulated for a man who is not afraid to be sexy, likes to have fun, and appreciates luxury. it is for the man who is a leader in everything that he does, and understands that his grooming, and appearance are vital to his professional and personal success.

the most beneficial and effective active ingredients available have been combined with pure botanical extracts, essential oils, and vitamins to work in synergy with a man’s skin to provide optimum visible results. 4V00 men’s skin care & cosmetics have been formulated to put a little beauty back into the beast. no more dark circles under the eyes, or skin irritation after shaving!

4V00 distinct man offers four levels of men's skin care: basic, essential, enhanced, and extra which complement each other to address the specific needs of a man, from men's shaving, to men's skin care, to men's cosmetic correction and enhancement, to pleasure.

a distinct man will enjoy the luxurious experience of being reminded of just how special he is each time he uses 4V00 products in his skin care and grooming regime.

4VOO distinct manhas been meticulously designed to meet the increasing demands of today's lifestyle. it can be thrown in to the gym bag, taken on a business trip, and displayed authoritatively at home. 4VOO skin care products are as sexy as the man that uses them, the ultimate solution for today's distinct man.

using cosmetics is no longer exclusive to gay men, make up is an essential element in men's grooming. 4VOO offers a line of cosmetic correction and enhancement products that allow men to conceal blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, and oily shine. men have never looked so good, and felt so confident.


The Birth of Naturally Man
Deriving its name from business partners Stephen Knoll and Arnold Gorgonio, Naturally Man men's Skin Care Collection, was created to combine medical science with the science of nature for executives and laborers, performers and outdoorsmen, extreme sports competitiors and armchair quarterbacks, alike. It's mission: to give men of all ages and from all walks of life a simple, effective way to care for their skin and present their best face to the world for a long time to come..

We'd like to hear from you.
At Naturally Man, "customer service" is a priority, not a catch-phrase. If you have questions about any of the products in the Naturally Man collection or would like to share your comments with us,

Men's Cosmetics

Recently I was watching one of the music channels on cable and began watching a show on a lazy afternoon. The show, “Gay, Straight or Taken” has the premise of a young lovely woman being given a day with three men and she has to figure out which on is gay, the one who is straight and of course, the one who is taken. If she selects the right one who is straight, then they go off on a vacation together. If she mistakenly picks one of the others, then they, with their respective mate, go instead. My point to this tangent is, that on the show I happened to see, she was allowed to rifle through their overnight bag and dap kit. When looking, she based her “Gay” choice on the fact that one guy had all types of skin care, astringents and face creams in his kit. Thus is the mystery of men.

Does it mean that he has to be gay or metro-sexual to want to take care of his skin? Well that should not be the case. There are many products on the market which are in no way “girlie”. Men in most ways need skin care as much, if not more, than women. The daily sun, wind, stress and neglect can wear on skin. Men have approximately 25% more oily skin than most women. The pores of men are of course, generally larger as well. Keeping the face clean and even use of deep cleaning is essential.

Moisturizing and sun protection are the next important tasks. Especially important is to moisturize under the eye. This area shows age faster since it produces no oils itself. Vitamin E is great for this. Try to go as natural as possible since chemicals can be harsh and not as easily absorbed. SPF is important in moisturizer as well. Most women’s makeup has some type of SPF in it, however, since men don’t wear base, that isn’t an issue.

When cleansing the skin remember not to use a deodorant soap on your face! This is the first thing people see on you, so don’t go harsh. Deodorant soaps are harsh and leave detergent on your face that will block your pores. This is not good. A good scrub or exfoliant should be done daily. Be careful not to use large grits such as seed or nut pieces. These are too harsh for daily care and may damage dry skin.

Several companies make cosmetics for men. Menaji, Zirh, Liz Earle and Jack Black are just a few. Be brave and encourage your man to try these, even the most rustic man can benefit from men’s cosmetics. Click on the links below to check out some of the men’s cosmetics available easily.

Product Description
This dual-purpose 2-in-1 liquid cleanser and toner removes deep-down dirt and oil, for clear, smooth, shave-ready skin. Works gently, without over-drying, to leave your complexion clean, hydrated and fresh. Using a blend of naturally derived, sulfate-free

Drugstore Cosmetics Staples

Be honest. How much money have you invested in your cosmetics collection? How much of a return are you actually getting on your investment? Almost everyone has splurged on at least one (or 20!) cosmetics miracle products or impulse buys that just seemed fun at the time. Now, I firmly believe that cosmetics are fun. But some heavy-hitters are just good old-fashioned drugstore standbys that might have appeared in Mom’s or Grandma’s medicine cabinet and won’t set you back a week’s salary. Here are some staples every gal should stock:

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
You’ve probably got a tub of this bland balm buried somewhere in your medicine cabinet. Dig it out! It’s a real multitasker.
• Replaces lip balm, or use for extra lip moisturizing overnight
• Removes makeup (even waterproof)
• Prevents skin stains when dabbed along hairline while coloring hair
• Softens cracked heels and hands overnight (bonus points if you wear cotton gloves and/or socks)
• Tames eyebrows gone wild
• Moisturizes cuticles if you apply with a cotton swab around the nail bed before a home manicure; also, if you color outside the lines, the polish wipes right off

Talcum powder
Not just for babies anymore!
• Absorbs excess oil in hair if you don’t have time to shampoo—just brush a sprinkle through
• Keeps your tootsies cool and fresh if you go sockless in the summer
• Helps prevent razor burn when used with an electric razor

Eye drops
A true secret weapon—bright eyes make you look alert, healthy, and youthful, much like white teeth.
• Whitens eyes, which increases impact of eye makeup
• Can reduce redness of a blemish (really!)

Cotton swabs (Q-tips)
Stock a jumbo box—you’ll reach for them every day.
• Makes cleanup of stray eye shadow and nail polish a snap when dipped in makeup or polish remover
• Can stand in for makeup applicators in a pinch
• Keeps your blemish cream just on the blemish to prevent drying out whole patches of skin

Epsom Salts
You might stock these for soaking minor bumps and bruises, but they’re so much more than skin seasoning!
• Soothe tired tootsies in a foot soak
• Relax muscles in a hot bath; add a few drops of lavender oil to lull you to sleep
• Deep clean your complexion when added to your facial cleanser
• Exfoliate when combined with a light body oil, or even olive or sesame oil
• Texturize hair by dissolving in water and misting on hair, then scrunching

ChapStick lip balm
Trust the original. Cheap, multi-functional, even multi-flavored.
• Still second to none keeping a pretty pucker
• Stops bleeding of minor shaving nicks
• Helps prevent windburn on face
• Stops hair-color bleed along hairline

Mineral Makeup

I’ll admit it. For most of my life, my skin has been my main vanity. My clear complexion was the envy of friends and relatives, and I never had to do much to maintain it. Concealer? Foundation? Ha! I laughed at such cover-ups.

But recently, all that changed. My skin just seemed—well, blah. Worse, I began developing blemishes, and examination with a magnifying mirror revealed uneven skin tone. So an infomercial for mineral makeup, with its promises of a flawless, but not cakey-fakey, finish, mesmerized me. I went online and found a starter kit.

The hardest part about the process was choosing the right shade. The starter sets I was eyeing came with two shades to allow mixing and matching for a just-right shade, but it was still a challenge to determine the right one from a tiny computerized swatch. Ultimately, I enlisted the aid of my husband, who examined my face next to the computer screen in good light.

The results? Amazing! I’ve been using the makeup for the last eight months. I never look like I’m wearing five pounds of makeup (my fear after growing up in Texas), but my skin looks flawless. I use the lighter of two shades sent to me, as well as a rust-colored version simply called warmth on my cheeks, with just a light additional sweep over my nose, chin, and forehead. (Caution—use the lightest possible touch with this shade or risk looking like an Oompa-Loompa.) A concealer brush, which applies the base shade in a more concentrated fashion, is perfect for all but the most vicious blemishes. In those cases, I do use a real concealer just on those spots underneath the makeup.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard from others is that the finish, while flawless, can look almost plasticized—like a Barbie doll. I’ll concede that it does have a slight sheen, and this effect is usually emphasized by a too-heavy hand. However, using a lighter hand, as well as finishing with another product from the starter kit, the mineral veil, usually reduces this effect. Overall, I think the makeup still looks much more natural that other options do. It’s also a bit more change out of pocket initially, but I found that even the smaller containers lasted almost six months (longer for the warmth).

No makeup can ever claim it won’t clog anyone’s pores—even the gentlest might gunk up someone’s super-sensitive skin—but the finely milled, breathable nature of this makeup greatly lessens that chance for most. I also love not using something with a long list of chemicals I can’t pronounce.

The bottom line is that this is one of the best products I’ve purchased in recent memory.

Tips Foundation Make Up

Selecting and applying foundation make up can be tricky. These foundation make up tips will help make this otherwise frustrating task, a little easier for you.

Choosing your shade of foundation make up may seem intimidating, but it's not as bad as it may seem. Simply swipe two or three colors that are close to your natural skin color along your jaw line. You want the make-up to disappear into your skin. If it doesn't, move along until you find one that does.

Next, you will need to choose your finish and coverage. Are you looking for a sheer, dewy look or something matte and long lasting? A sheer look works well for clear skin that requires little coverage. Think of a fresh-faced teen for a dewy look. Matte is a very formal look, and is great for an oily complexion.

If all of this sounds overwhelming to you, schedule an appointment for a consultation at your favorite department store with a make up artist. This is typically a free service. Talk to them about your lifestyle and needs. Are you active at the gym? Do you prefer very little makeup? Do you need more coverage to hide blemishes and scarring? They will help you choose a foundation that is right for your skin type and lifestyle.

Once you have selected the foundation make up that is right for you, you need to prep your face so your foundation goes on smoothly.

Primers are getting a lot of recognition lately, and rightfully so. They help your foundation glide on like silk and give it staying power. One to try is Laura Mercier. Another option is to prep with moisturizer.

Now it's time to apply your foundation make up. There are mixed opinions on application. A sponge works well and is easy to blend, although many make-up artists insist on a brush. I think both work just fine and it is a matter of personal preference. I use a brush for the initial application, and blend with a sponge. Blending your foundation into your neck is so important. Do not forget this step or you will have a visible line, and we all know what that looks like don't we?

Concealer should be applied one shade lighter where you are dark, and the same shade as your foundation where you need to cover redness. Look for a concealer that is water based. This is the biggest error women make when choosing concealer. The majority clogs your pores, so the blemishes you are trying to cover are just being replaced!

Finally, dust translucent loose powder over your entire face with a large brush. Skip this step if you want a dewy look.

There you have it, a flawless base.

How To Apply Smokey Eye Make Up

The smokey eye is one make up trend that has become a classic. If you haven't mastered it yet, now is the perfect time!

Follow these seven steps to achieve the smokey eye look.

Step 1. You must start with a good under eye concealer. Always choose one shade lighter than your skin tone, and completely cover any dark circles. Since the smokey eye is very dark, you want to be certain you have good coverage here. If this is a stubborn area for you, (like it is for me) swipe a small amount of liquid highlighter under your eyes and blend with a brush gently. This should do the trick; however, practice before you wear it out.

Step 2. Using an eye shadow brush, dust your entire eyelid, from lash line to brow, with a shimmer pearl eye shadow.

Step 3. With a black eye pencil, draw a line along the upper lashes, as close to the lash line as possible. Start thin at the inner corner of the eye, gradually getting thicker as you work your way out. If you want to take it beyond your natural lash line, flick it up and out.

Step 4. As close to the lower lash line as possible, draw a thin line. You can stop either one third of the way in, or take it all of the way to the inner corner. It all depends on how dramatic of a look you want. It also depends on your eyes. For example, if you have wide set eyes, you can line them all the way in, but if you have little space between your eyes, only line around 1/3 of the way in as this will make your eyes appear more wide set. Play around with both and see what looks best on you.

Step 5. With black liquid eyeliner, draw a line over the line you just drew with the pencil. This gives it staying power. The reason you apply your liquid liner after your pencil is two-fold. 1) You are simply tracing a line that is already there, making it much easier 2) Liquid liners typically have a bit of a glossy finish, which is very attractive.

Step 6. With a dark grey eye shadow, and an eyeliner brush, dip the brush into the eye shadow and draw a line right above the liquid liner, blending upward into the crease. This is what creates the smokey look. I use Bobbi Brown's eye liner brush because it's thin enough, but not to stiff.

Step 7. Coat top and bottom lashes with two coats of black mascara.

Don't feel that you have to stick with blacks and greys. Feel free to play around with different colors, as long as the prominent colors are dark shades. I have done this look with shimmer blues and emerald greens, and it has always looked very sexy.

To make your eyes pop, apply a dab of white shadow to the inner corner of each eye with the tip of an eyeliner brush. I do this with everybody and it instantly brings them to life!

The smokey eye look does take a bit of practice, but it is well worth it. It is a sultry evening look that looks great on just about everyone.

Lip Gloss Guide

Lip gloss is a favorite for all age groups. What's so great about lip gloss is its versatility. I've already put some on, and rushed to the gym, just to add a little color. It's also great for the office as long as its not super sparkly or wet looking. Lip gloss is also the perfect accessory for a night out.

Lip gloss can be worn alone, over lipstick, or over lip liner; it all depends on the look you want to achieve. Lip gloss is available in a zillion colors and finishes. There is sheer lip gloss, lip gloss with more color, almost like a lipstick, and lip glosses that are somewhere in between.

Lip gloss that will stay put long after a lipstick wears are off are, Bobbi Brown and NARS. These are thick and more opaque. You wouldn't need to wear anything under these, unless you choose to.

There are super sparkly lip glosses that you see on a lot of teens and twenty something's, and even with the sparkly varieties, there is extreme sparkle and subtle sparkle. A subtle sparkle can be worn by women of most ages.

There are certain guidelines for lip gloss with each age group.

Lip gloss in your 20's - Anything go's. You're young so have fun! Go for vibrant colors and experiment with sparkle. You are the trend-setters, so people expect to see fun colors on you. If you work in an office, always tone it down, remember, you want to be taken seriously.

Lip gloss in your 30's – You’re still very young and can enjoy many trends. You want to avoid extreme sparkle, as it will only make you look older. Don't go overboard on lip gloss that looks dripping wet, it looks over the top.

Lip gloss in your 40's - You are the new twenty so enjoy it! In your forties you want to avoid trends like sparkle and wet-looks. There are many glosses available that you can wear, just avoid extremes. If you love a color but find it too sheer, choose a similar colored lipstick, wear one or two coats, and top it with gloss.

When wearing lip gloss for a Saturday afternoon, run to the market, or quick workout (yes, some of us wear it to the gym,) there is no need to wear anything underneath. The look is low key, so opt for light colors.

For the office, always go for neutral tones, avoid extremes such as sparkle or slick lip gloss.

For evening go for bolder color and age appropriate shimmer. Wear one or two coats of lipstick underneath to give your lip gloss staying power.

Follow this lip-gloss guide and you will look great at any age.

The Review of Emerita Cleanser

The Review of Emerita Cleanser

Emerita is a pioneer in the anti-aging natural skin care and personal health care market, for women over forty, and their body’s changing needs. They offer a complete natural skin care line including cleansers, dark circle serum, anti-aging creams, and more.

Emerita natural skin care products do not contain parabens and are fragrance-free; they are filled with botanicals and organics. I recently had an opportunity to review two of their cleansers, the extra gentle Moisturizing Facial Cleanser, and the Exfoliating Cleanser.

The Moisturizing Facial Cleanser is specifically designed to address the needs of aging, thinning skin. Emerita created this natural skin care product to gently cleanse, remove make up, dirt, and oil, and be gentle enough to compliment skin over forty. The cleanser also contains ingredients like coconut, and green tea extracts, when we are now more than ever hearing about the benefits of green tea for our skin.

The 6.7oz bottles will last a long time because you don’t need much to properly cleanse the skin. The smell of natural botanicals in both cleansers is subtle and pleasant. It doesn’t lather much, but when applied to my face, I could feel it was there. It also takes a little longer to rinse, because it’s a gel, and they rinse different than other cleansers.

The Exfoliating Cleanser is gentle enough to be used daily, not like traditional exfoliating cleansers, which are used 2-3 times per week. Another thing that makes Emerita’s Exfoliating Cleanser stand out among the rest are its natural, botanical ingredients. Among the ingredients are bamboo extract and jojoba ester beads.

The Exfoliating Cleanser was very gentle. While I could feel the jojoba beads in it; there was no itching, irritation or dryness with Emerita’s Exfoliating Cleanser, even when used daily. There was not itching, dryness, or irritation with either of these products. I actually used them in combination, Moisturizing Cleanser in the morning and Exfoliating Cleanser at night.

The gel cleansers felt good on the skin. My face felt soft to the touch, and when I awoke the next morning, it wasn’t oily like it sometimes is; it looked fresh. I didn’t notice any anti-aging results, but these are simply cleansers, so I certainly would not expect those results.

I decided to test the natural skin care cleansers on the body as well, and I was hooked. My skin was no longer dry, but very soft. I was very impressed. The cleansers lathered substantially when applied with a bath sponge. In this instance, there is a large area to cover, so I was able to get a nice suds going, where as the face is so small, there isn’t much room to work with to get that same lather, and you are also using a hand application.

Emerita’s packaging is stunning. They use local artisans to create the colorful artwork on their sturdy cardboard packaging. You won’t want to toss these; they’re just to pretty and functional.

I highly recommend Emerita’s Moisturizing Cleanser and Exfoliating Cleanser, to women over forty. The natural skin care products are made from quality, natural botanical and organic ingredients, and feel wonderful on the face and body, and most importantly, they work. I also recommend the products to any age group that is looking for a sumptuous shower gel, as these are multi-functional products.

Stay tuned for the Emerita Dark Circle Eye Serum Review in 4-6 weeks.

Blush Tips

Blush Tips

There are much to consider when you select and apply blush. The following blush tips will describe different types of blush as well as how to apply the blush. Experiment to find which is best for you, but most importantly, do not be intimidated by this make up essential. It can a bring dull complexion to life within seconds. The secret key, is choosing the right texture and color for your skin.

Powder Blush ~ Using a large blush brush, apply in a “C” motion on the upper apples of your cheeks towards your temples. You can also think of your cheek as an inverted pyramid. It may sound silly, but this will give you the perfect application just where you need it. You don't want to see lines. You are trying to create a flush appearance.

Powder blush is very easy to apply, and very long wearing. Apply over foundation, on bare skin, or over powder. This is the most versatile way to apply blush. I do not recommend powder blush for extremely dry skin. It will only make your skin appear dryer, and draw attention to fine lines.

Cream Blush ~ Apply on the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion, working outwards and slightly upward. Apply sparingly as the coverage is buildable. It is easier to add more blush than to have to wash off your make up if you slab too much on. Cream blush can be worn on bare skin or over foundation. I love to mix it with liquid high-liter for a fresh, dewy look. If you are oily, powder blush is a better option.

Liquid Tint ~ Best when applied on bare skin. You need to get this on fast! It dries quickly. I recommend practicing a few times before wearing it out. This is a very natural look. You will look like you just came in from a good work out.

We know that some women are hesitant when it comes to wearing blush. I never quite understood this. Do they actually think they look better with a dull and lifeless complexion? The fact of the matter is, unless you just came from the gym, or are 16 years old - chances are - you need a little color.

So you can try a little, and if you absolutely hate the way you look, stop by your local department stores cosmetics counter, and have a make up artist give you a complimentary consultation.

Sound Good for you?

Now Go Blush!

MAC cosmetics fighting HIV ?

Do you know what do Dita Von Tease and Eve have in common? No, they both aren’t former wives of Marilyn Manson. No, they both are not soul divas. And no they both aren’t burlesque performers. Instead, they are both the beautiful new faces of Mac cosmetics. Also, they both wear the same shade of lipstick. New Mac Viva Glam VI!

Viva Glam VI is a yummy shade of plum. Even though they have completely opposite skin tones, the rich glorious color blends and is beautiful on Dita’s porecelan skin tones or even Eve’s golden bronze tone. One of the great things that Mac has done is donate a portion of the proceeds to the Mac Aids Fund. The glittery plum tone is a luscious must! The cost is only $14 and it comes in both lipstick or a shimmery gloss.

Mac looks into the depth of beauty. Not just women but teens and men. Boy George has been a model for the company and the Viva Glam line. Most recently Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Harry joined the Mac campaign. Both very active in the HIV/ Aids war, Presley’s fans know first hand. She admits that probably 80% of her fans are gay, which is a higher risk group. Harry, not a spring chicken, is still an enticing beauty. Mac is behind putting forth strong images. Debbie Harry was one of the first artist to align her self with the Aids fight.

The Viva Glam line began in 1994. The initial color was a deep red. It, too, was a universally appealing color. That color held until 1997 when Viva Glam II was introduced. The second color was a lightly pink mauve. The third in the series was introduced in a hot brownish plum color. Viva Glam III hit the market in early 2000. The next color, introduced in 2004, a golden rose shade, was a universal hit as well.

Two years later MAC introduced the 5th in the series of Viva Glam products. Pamela Anderson helped to promote this fabulous new shade. Additionally, the new product of a lip glass was introduced in the world. This fabulous lipstick and lip glass have been snapped up by the consumers, with all of the proceeds still helping the many HIV/Aids charities which MAC donates to.

The sixth shade in the series was introduced in 2006. Somehow MAC makes these shades to look good on everyone. And they do! Again, this shade has a lip glass which can be worn over the lipstick or alone.

When you look at the statistics think in the numbers of those who can be saved. Think of one $14 tube of Viva Glam will buy 1000 condoms in India. One tube can fund fourteen Aids test in Hayti or two weeks of groceries for an HIV positive person in the US. Just look at the impact that you too can make with just one purchase.

We should say thanks to MAC for all of their dedication and hard work in helping to support Aids treatment. Their support goes from helping HIV positive people gain medications to helping to develop centers for treatment. So next time that you are in the market for a great shade of lipstick, remember MAC and join the millions who have become fans of Viva Glam. Try one of the shades and I promise you will love the long lasting, rich colors. For more information on the MAC Aids fund and the programs that MAC works with go to You will be overwhelmed.

MAC Beauty Icon

Mac Beauty Icon past 4 years :

M•A•C Beauty Icon 2004

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli judges a pet contest in the West Village, New York City June 24 2006
Born March 12, 1946 (1946-03-12) (age 61) Los Angeles California USA
Occupation singer, actress
Years active 1949 - present
Spouse(s) Peter Allen (1967-1974) Jack Haley, Jr. (1974-1979)
Mark Gero (1979-1992) David Gest (2002-2006)
Parents Vincente Minnelli (1903-1986) Judy Garland (1922-1969)

Liza Minnelli (born March 12, 1946 in Los Angeles California) is an American actress and singer. She is the daughter of legendary actress and singer Judy Garland and her second husband, film director Vincente Minnelli In 1972, she won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role i and had two of her records certified gold.

M•A•C Beauty Icon 2006

Diana Ross

Diana Ross

Diana Ross at the 62nd Academy Awards at the Dorothy Chandler pavilion in Los Angeles, california on March 26, 1990
Background information
Birth name Diane Ernestin e Earle Ross
Born March 26, 1944 (1944-03-26) (age 63)
Detroitt, Michigan, United States
Genre(s) R&B, soul, pop, disc o, jazz
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, actress
Years active 1959–present
The Supremes, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye

Diana Ross (born Diane Ernestine Earle Ross on March 26, 1944) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress, whose musical repertoire spans R&B, soul, pop, disco, and jazz. Ross first gained prominence as lead singer

of The Supremes, before establishin

g a successful solo career in 1970 that lasted through the decades.

In 1999, as a solo artist, she

was ranked #38 on VH1's "The 100 Greatest Women in Rock and Roll", while The Supremes ranked #16.

M•A•C Beauty Icon 2006

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve at Cannes in 2000.
Birth name Catherine Fabienne Dorléac
Born October 22 1943 (1943-10-22) (age 64) Paris, France
Years active 1957 - present
Spouse(s) David Baile (1965-1972))

Catherine Deneuve (French IPA: [katʁi

n dəˈnœv]), (October 22, 1943, in Paris, France), is an Academy Award-nominated French actress.

A model of French elegance, cultivated lust object for art house filmgoers everywhere, and one of the best-respected actresses in the French film industry, Catherine Deneuve made her reputation playing a series of b

eautiful ice maidens for directors such as Luis Bunuel and Roman Polanski

M•A•C Beauty Icon 2007

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch and husband Andre Weinfeld arrive at the premiere of Midler's movie, The Rose,1979.
Birth name Jo Raquel Tejada
Born September 5 1940 (1940-09-05) (age 67)
Chicago, Illinois,
United States
Spouse(s) James Westley Welch (1959–1964)
Patrick Curtis (1967–1972)
Andre Weinfeld (1980–1990)
Richard Palmer (1990–present)

Jo Raquel Tejada (born September 5 1940), best known by her stage name Raquel Welch, is a Golden Globe-winning American actress who reached fame during the 1960s. She was also regarded as sex symbol by many.

So who will be the next MAC Icon ?

May be YOU :)

Nov 26, 2007

Spokesperson of MAC ?

Here is some of Spokesperson of MAC Cosmetic

Sandra Bernhard

In August 2006, Sandra Bernhard served as the spokesperson in a commercial for Make-up Art Cosmetics (MAC). In the commercial, promoting PlushGlass lipgloss, Bernhard referred to someone who might not approve of her outspokenness as a "...little freaked out, intimidated, frightened, right-wing Republican thin-lipped bitch". MAC edited the line from the commercial to avoid unintentionally offending some of its customer base.


In 1995, RuPaul was signed to a modeling contract for MAC cosmetics, making him the first drag queen supermodel. Various billboards featured him in full drag, often with the text "I am the MAC girl."

Pamela Anderson

In March 2005, Anderson became a spokemodel for MAC Cosmetics's MAC AIDS Fund, which helped people affected by AIDS and HIV . After becoming the official spokesmodel, Anderson raised money during events in Toronto, Tokyo, Dublin and Athens.

Anderson became the celebrity spokesperson for the American Liver Foundation, and served as the Grand Marshal of the SOS motorcycle ride fundraiser.

Missy Elliott

In 2004, Missy Elliott joined forces with MAC Cosmetics to promote their "Viva Glam" campaign. In addition to the ad campaign, Elliott promoted the MAC Viva Glam V lipstick from which 100% of the sale goes to the M.A.C Aids Fund.

Chloë Sevigny

In 2006, Sevigny co-starred in a new HBO television series, Big Love, about a family of polygamists. She plays the conniving, shopaholic daughter of a cult leader. She also had roles in Catherine and Peter, scheduled for 2008, and Zodiac, which was released in early 2007.

She is a favorite of trendy magazines (she first graced the cover of Interview before Kids even came out), and she has modeled for a number of designers and brands, including Miu Miu, H&M and MAC Cosmetics.

Dita Von Teese

2006/7 Spring/Summer advertising campaign. Currently, she is a spokesmodel for MAC Cosmetics. Von Teese has appeared in Varity, Vair, Vogue, Elle and international issues of nearly every fashion magazine.

Debbie Harry

Harry is one of the faces of MAC Cosmetics' Viva Glam VI campaign. The campaign donates every cent of the selling price of their iconic lipstick shades to the MAC AIDS Fund, which helps people living with HIV / AIDS worldwide

Raquel Welch

In January 2007 she was revealed as the newest face of MAC Cosmetics Beauty Icon series. Her line features several limited edition makeup shades in glossy black and tiger print packaging

Eartha Kitt

Kitt was the spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics Smoke Signals collection in August 2007. She re-recorded Smoke Gets In Your Eyes for the occasion, was showcased on the MAC website and the song was played at all MAC locations carrying the collection for the month.

source :


The MAC Pro Program is provided to professionals in the industry expessialy for entertainment. An annual fee must be paid for this service. This program provides professional support, special pro-only benefits and many discounts. Make-up of artists will receive a 40% discount. Fashion Stylists, Cosmetologists, Hairstylists, Nail Technicians, Costume Designers, Models,Aestheticians, On-Air Talent/Performers, and Photographers receive a 30% discount. For International discounts maybe variable.

Social Initiatives Of MAC

MAC also has five social initiative programs currently in place :

MAC Cruelty-Free Beauty
Back to MAC Recycling
MAC Kids Helping Kids
The MAC PRO program

Nov 25, 2007

Barbie Loves Mac Cosmetic

We have known that MAC has formed a partnership with Barbie (the Mattel created that doll). The unknown project, details of which are yet to be announced is slated to be introduced internationally in February 2007. This marks the first time that the doll will be in the venture targeting adults with a company such as MAC.

Now you can buy your very own Mac barbie doll cosmetic.


You can buy barbie mac in ebay search , this is the example of the search
result :

On this seller you will get *50 PC* Barbie Loves Mac Wholesale Cosmetics Lot NEW

The 50 pc list:


Now you can buy the cosmetic of MAC which you need and you like.
Many seller and website sell Barbie Mac.

Nov 21, 2007

Most Wanted Mac Cosmetic

Best choice for "mac cosmetics"

Personal Care

Mac Duo Adhesive

MAC Disc Sponge

MAC Disc Sponge


Mac Clear Lipglass
$14 - $21

Mac Lipcolor X S Satin
$18 - $27

Mac Glitz Gloss Gloss Paillete Limited Edition After Party
$17 - $20

Mac Lipstick No. 250 Film Noir Satin
$18 - $32

Nov 13, 2007

Buy Authentic Mac Cosmetic...

Most of woman always want to buy the best quality of the Authentic Mac Cosmetic.
Many place on internet so we can buy mac cosmetic but how we can know if its authentic or not ?
Too many fake cosmetic now around the world, so before you buy mac cosmetic please make sure that the place/shop you buy from is the genuine seller.

You can buy via the mac website : thats the official websites of mac cosmetic. You can make an order online and make payment by Credit Card or Money order there.
Or you can buy via and just search Mac Cosmetic on the ebay search engine and find the Seller who have high rating on ebay, minimum have 200+ good rating in ebay.

You can find many place via internet to buy mac cosmetic but my recomended just make an order from that 2 site, via and via

Just want to reminded beware to buy cosmetic from B2B selling board because too many scam and fraud there. And the important one is do not make payment first until your order shipped. Or you can use third party like Escrow for your safe order.