Jan 2, 2008

Top Five Shaving Tips For Men

Here are the top five shaving tips for men:

1. Do not make shaving the first routine that you do in the morning. The reason for this is it is very prone to shaving abrasion (imagine shaving your face while your eyes are still puffy, it will be hard for you to see and shave effectively). Another reason is to get a closer shave when your skin has already “waken up” or when your skin’s puffiness had recede.

2. Before shaving, use a facial cleanser or scrub to open up your pores. It will make shaving easier.

3. This one is essential – the use of shaving cream. I usually massage the cream before my husband shaves his beard. This is to take out the stubble parts. I suggest using The Body Shop For Men Shave Cream. Not only that it would soften men’s beard but it also helps in softening men’s facial skin.

4. Don’t forget to use sharp blades when shaving. Dull blades may cause cuts as they drag the skin as you shave. Disposable shavers should only be used at least 2-3 times. Sometimes it also causes irritation to your skin. Take your time when shaving and don’t forget to rinse the blade often using a hot water.

5. Use oil-free moisturizers after shaving. You may also opt to use after-shaves but look for the brands that do not have alcohol as one of the ingredients or you may experience stingy sensations when used.

Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

How To Treat Melasma ?

Pregnancy is the greatest journey a woman could ever take. It can be filled with joy and excitement and along these happy emotions are different hormonal changes which would reflect on your skin’s glow.

One of the most common skin problems during pregnancy aside from stretchmark, is melasma. Although they say its part of the 9-month journey, it doesn’t mean that you can do nothing to prevent it. Below are some beauty tips for the one of the most dreaded beauty problems during the course of pregnancy.

Melasma or the so-called mask of pregnancy is the appearance of dark or tan discoloration on a woman’s face. Although it is very common during pregnancy, it does not affect only pregnant women but those who take oral contraceptives and those who are under the medications of hormone replacement therapy as well. There are several beauty tips for women experiencing melasma.

First one is the use of topical creams having Hydroquinone as its active ingredient. Second, is the use of an acid called Treinoin. However, it cannot be used during pregnancy due to its altered effects. Another option is to have a facial peel with Glycolic Acid or Alpha Hydroxyacids. If all topical creams doesn’t work for you, it’s time to visit your dermatologist and ask for a laser treatment that would get rid of your melasma dilemma instantly. The last beauty tip is more expensive than the first few choices though.

Liquid Blush

How do i apply liquid blush?

Well, i'm thinking of buying a liquid blush,since the last blush i bought was a little too dark for my skin (it was a dark pink,so it got too pink on my fair but a little yellow skin - this next blush i'm planning on buying a peach one - maybe i'll look that i got suntanned), so i almost don't use it. But i have a little problem. i don't know how to apply the liquid blush correctly since i've never used it before.

Here are 4 techniques that you can try.

1) First apply the liquid or stain directly onto a latex sponge (wedge). Press the sponge onto the apple of your cheek in a slow circular motion.

When you press the sponge to your cheek, the liquid will seep out and the circular motion will spread the product.

2) Pour some of the blush into a small flat container, (dish). Using M.A.C.'s #192 brush (which is made specifically for liquid and creme blushes), dip the flat end of the tip into the liquid blush and using the flat side of the brush, apply in a circular motion onto the apple of the cheek.

3) Repeat step 2. Instead of the M.A.C. brush. Use a red stipple sponge. Dip the sponge into the liquid blush and shake off any excess liquid and apply in a stippling circular motion onto the apple of the cheek.

Because the red stipple sponge is rubber, it won't soak up the product, however it will deposit more colour onto the cheek.

4) You can use your fingers, be aware of your blending and your finger pad pressure. Too much pressure, you'll have a light spot and darker edges.

However, fingers are best when applying liquids and stains to your lips... see...

Depending on the Brand, some stains will show the colour immediately, some will take a few seconds.

Applying Liquid and Stain blushers takes a light and finessed hand because of the behaviour of the product... Liquid is runny like water. And it's heavily pigmented.

* Remember *

To work very quickly in applying and blending the product while it's still wet.

Blending your edges is key to make the liquid blush look natural instead of a dark spot.

Liquids and Stains dry instantly or less than 2 seconds. And once dry, it won't move, smudge, blend, or fade.

If you make a mistake. Remove the product and start over.

If you try and fix it by adding and tweaking, your blush will have a "layered" look, starting from lighter to progressively darker.

As with all make-up applications, it takes practice... No big deal, make-up is fun... see...

It may seem daunting at first. Applying and blending a liquid blush in less than 2 seconds that looks natural. With practice anyone can.

The achieved result is a beautiful natural blush application that looks like it's coming from under the skin. As opposed to a powder blush which is on top.

How to remove the product: Glycerine soap works best.

Good Luck and have fun.